Tech Info

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The brake on the right is a S L Shoe brake with an extended cable anchor point. This enables the cable to pull at 90 degrees to the extended brake arm and exert more pressure on the brake shoes. Although a simple modification it is surprisingly effective.

The other brake is a T L Shoe, more difficult to make and set up but it does work well when the brake shoes are fully bedded in to the drum.

Electronic Ignition

The Leader and Arrow have Boyer Electronic Ignition. The rotor needs a small amount of machining to fit to the main shaft taper and a bridge piece making to hold it in place on the taper. It protrudes more than the original contact breaker but a 3 or 4 m/m thick washer gives enough clearance for the cover to fit in place without touching the staor plate.

The timing is set according to the instructions and then checked using a strobe at 2500 revs when the 10 degrees advance is in operation.

Boyer ignition – the rotor bridge piece can be seen in the centre of the stator plate, the plate is held in place above the rotor on two insulating spacers.